Ben Knobloch

Paratrooper, Sniper, Reality Star, Husband, Entrepreneur.

I believe the phrase, "Jack of all Trades, Master of None", describes me perfectly.

After years of military service, operating in some of the most austere environments on Earth, I know that quality gear can be the difference between mission success or failure, and at the extreme end, life or death. My passion is to provide the tools necessary to assault through the objective, slip away unnoticed, and look good doing it.


Ben Knobloch

Since the beginning, Ben had a passion for creating content. Put this man on a mountain with a camera and watch the magic happen.

"If any message could be relayed through my work, it would tell people to get up, get outside, and start living." -Creative Director


Ben Knobloch

Our operations team consists of 100% disabled veterans, providing the tools to rehabilitate and assimilate post-service. We strive to give back as much as possible to those who gave the greatest sacrifice of all.